Bali Emergency Phone Numbers and Hospital address

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Dengue Fever - what to do...?

There are alwayes cases of Dengue during the year in Bali.
First: Go to a hosipital. An blood count you can´t do yourself. We had all Dengue already and everybody reacts different on it. Some people don´t show any or just few symthomes when others are in pain with 41 degrees fever. However you feel. It doesnt tells you about your blood situation and therefore you have to check your blodd in a hosipital. Even you feel good.

The Papaya leaf juice is not a cure medicine. It is just a helper.

Dont listen to Dengue Fever… I like them but it doesn´t help you against Dengue..

What is Dengue and what symptomes do i feel:


Preparation of Papaya leaf juice

Whats inside the Papaya leaf? Now you can switch on Dengue Fever music instead of this boring flute sound.

Sugercane is also preparing these juice. Find Sugercane on our Canggu Guide:

Snake Bite - what to do...?




Rabies, Snake Bites and Burns

Denpasar General Hospital (RSUP Sanglah),
Jalan Kesehatan Selatan 1, Sanglah,
+62 361 227 911 / +62 361 243 307
+62 361 225 483 / +62 361 265 064